Frequently Asked Questions & Comments

I’m not located in Florida or the US. Are you still able to service my equipment?

Yes. We travel around the country, often further, to service our customers equipment. Should you be located out of the state or country, simply contact us and we will make arrangements to get our technicians to you.

My transmission has low main oil pressure.

There are several reasons this could happen to your transmission. It is possible that: the oil strainer is clogged, the pressure regulation piston is stuck, the piston rings on the clutch shaft are worn/broken , a damaged oil pump, incorrect linkage adjustment to the control valve, a clogged orifice in the orifice plate, or simply that the engine idle speed is too low.

My transmission has no oil pressure.

There are several reasons this could happen to your transmission. It is possible that: the oil pump strainer is plugged, the oil level is too low, a leak on the pump, the pump drive is damaged, the regulating valve is stuck in the open position, the oil pump itself is defective, or the transmission is leaking oil.

My transmission has high oil pressure.

It is possible that the regulating valve is stuck or the transmission contains the wrong oil type.

My transmission is overheating/running too hot.

Your transmission may be operating at higher than normal temperatures for a multitude of reasons. It could be that the oil level in the transmission is too low or too high, the heat exchanger is faulty, the clutches are slipping, the bearings are failing, or an air leak on the pump.

My transmission is louder than normal.

Your transmission should not operate excessively loud. If it is, it may be due to failed bearings, a damaged input coupling, the gears are damaged or worn, the alignment is improper, or the engine is misfiring.

My boat continues to move forward even while the transmission is in neutral.

If you have put your gear in neutral but the boat continues to move, the clutch plates may be warped, the control valve is incorrectly indexed, the seal rings are worn, or the clutch linkage could be broken.

There is oil escaping from the breather port of my transmission.

A few things could cause this: the oil level may be too high or the transmission may contain the incorrect type of oil.