Dockmate® has proprietary DockControl software with highly-customizable settings that allows the owners to put their “personal touch” on how the TWIST 3-axis joystick feels and reacts. The smooth, variable-speed, fully-proportional thruster and throttle control was also something which was ONLY OFFERED with Dockmate® and has never been available with competitive products. Since the launch of Dockmate® US in 2018, the media coverage for the product has been nothing short of amazing and Dockmate® is the fastest growing wireless remote control for boats! Dockmate® has formed solid relationships with industry-leading companies such as Glendinning and VETUS who allow Dockmate® to connect DIRECTLY into their CAN bus network. This was NEVER allowed by any other wireless remote control company until Dockmate®

Dockmate®, VETUS and Glendinning have shared a demo boat that traveled to many boats shows and it gave owners the opportunity to “try before they buy” even though Dockmate® offers a 30 day satisfaction, money back guarantee. Trusted by the leading brands of thrusters and electronics controls, advanced technology, customizable software, and fail-safe technology give Dockmate® the successful ingredients for the wireless remote control system of the future.

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